Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hope for the best... london 2012

We all have seen Beijing olympic, they did very well. We were not expecting a well organized olympic from china.

Now if we turn the page towards London, London already has so much to offer and London has energy due to its multi-cultural environment. But the current world financial situation is effecting london preparation of olympic games. This week they are facing £250 million shortfall in funding for the athletes village as the impact of the world economic crisis begins to bite into the project [1].

But if you check the construction work via the london 2012 website, it looks very good.

We have seen london organizing so many big events, and london can put a good show e.g millennium night. So we are expecting big from london. I will be posting the progress here as well..

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Here comes olympics to london

So, what we were waiting for, Olympics coming to London,

First impression!

look at boris jhonson, Mayor of London ah! coming into stadium with Mayor of Beijing, standing on the stage of closing ceremony with Olympics chairman, LOOK AT MAYOR OF LONDON WITH HIS JACKET BUTTONs OPEN, manners, world is looking....

8 Minutes show with a rock song...what Olympics games are coming to? The design of stadium we originally submitted to Olympic committee is not being built anymore, cost of games are already more than what we were expecting, PROMISE EACH LONDONER WILL GET FREE TICKET TO GAMES, not sure yet, promises promises and promises, I HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL.

There is no doubt china has done really good job in starting and closing ceremony, can we compete that?

British media was trying their best to go to china and pick up on problems china has, without thinking that the problems we have in london.